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So, recently, there has been a boom in the housing market and there are many factors responsible for that. One of such reasons is that, for starters, commodities like properties and land appreciate as the years progress. Thus, it is most likely that the price of the property you purchased in Abuja in 2013 would not be the same in 2018 but would have faced a rapid increase. In states like Lagos, the price of property on the Island is by far higher than that on the Mainland. From this little explanation, you should have an idea of what I am getting at. Real estate is not just about the blocks of houses or the floor plans, architecture and furniture, Real Estate is an entire market. It is an investment pool where you can always be certain of your returns. How is this possible, you ask? Here are 13 reasons why you should be interested in Real Estate in Abuja:

1. Real Estate Investment Provides Safety
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Heard of the phrase, 'safe as houses'? Well, it is true. Properties worldwide have increased at a rate comparable to global share market since 1926. Despite a succession of wars, unprecedented natural disasters, housing bubble crashes and crises, the prices of houses have been steady. Furthermore,  real estate has its own special insurance schemes so no property mishap is actually a loss. Generally, properties are hands down safer than any other investment class.

2. Easy to Get Started
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To get into the market, you don't need charts or any special gizmos. It's something you can do right at home with just little bit of research. You don’t need to gather a lot of specialist knowledge to get started. Your property is a tangible asset. You can move in, move out, rent it out as a residential space or office space. Furthermore, whenever you're ready to seek, you would be getting more bang for your buck, because as earlier mentioned, the value of property appreciates.

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3. Effective Marketing Cycles
Effective market timing is a crucial component of successful real estate investing. Because the market keeps evolving, the best time to invest is now and investing in real estate now could ensure strong future returns.

4. Real Estate Gets You More Leverage
You can make down payment and finance the bulk of purchasing the property through debt. You can leverage your capital which can give you a better return on investment. Let's say there is a property worth NGN 26,000,000. If you were looking to make an investment in real estate, you don’t need NGN26,000,000 in cash. You can buy a property worth that much with just NGN10,000,000 in cash paid over a suitable payment plan and finance the other NGN15,000,000 through a loan. This loan is known as a mortgage an din Nigeria, there are various mortgage plans available from different schemes such as the NHF- National Housing Fund. More about the NHF would be discussed in subsequent posts.

5. Control
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Unlike Shares and commodities, real estate affords you massive control. You can directly influence the inherent value of your investment through renovations and cosmetic additions. This can help increase the value of your investment.

6. Instant Profits
Depending on the type of real estate investment and how it’s acquired, real estate investors can start earning cash flow immediately. With a quality tenant in place, your first rent check can hit your bank account at the end of the first month.

7. Long Term Investment

As a property owner, you carry on a long term investment. First, you get paid rental income as long as you own the property from tenants. Secondly, the option of selling the property once it’s gained enough real estate appreciation is there for you.

8. Watch your Investment Grow
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This is self-explanatory. As a property owner, there isn't much left to do especially if your property has been fully developed and is being rented out. Just sit back and watch your investment grow.

9. Most Attractive Assets

They may not be as liquid as money in the bank but they come as close to what an hard asset can be. Investors find real estate properties as attractive propositions and you won’t have problems finding one for your properties.

10. Cash Flow

Cash flow from real estate is stable and far more predictable than most other businesses. That's great for entrepreneurs enduring the ups and downs of start-up life. The cash flow can help float you though the bad times and live well during the good times.

11. The Capital City
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Abuja replaced Lagos as the State Capital of Nigeria in 1991 for a myriad of reasons. One of such is its geographical location, in the heart of the country, which secures the seat of power from external attacks. It is also the political hub of the country with numerous national and global organizations seeking to establish a network here. This also means that there is a rise in migration from other parts of the country as everyone wants a piece of the national cake. What better place to have stakes in properties all across the city? As a real estate investor in Abuja, you stand a chance to transact with the biggest and brightest organizations seeking housing opportunities as well as properties for rent. Investing in real estate in Abuja gives you a chance to expand your interests and businesses.

12. The Most Beautiful City in Nigeria
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Abuja is inarguably the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Located int he heart of the country, the Capital city is not only noted for its architectural and aesthetic development but is also considered relatively safe.  Abuja is the place to have and grow your family with its serene and relatively peaceful ambiance while enjoying the benefits of easy movement and calm roads. Where else would you decide to build a home?

13. Get Your Dream Home
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Asides all the money talk and investments, let's not forget why people acquire houses in the first place; to build a home. Home is where the heart is and how priceless is it knowing that you have a place called home in Abuja. You not only get the chance to own your home but also to create it and watch your dreams come to life. Now, in order to acquire the best kind of property to build your family, it is best to consult with a Real Estate Agency who can guide you through available properties, give you the best payment plans and the best results for your money. 

In Abuja alone, there are a thousand and one housing opportunities. We would be talking more about factors to consider when choosing a property and recommending the safest and best places in Abuja to purchase a property. We would also be talking about real estate in Abuja generally, How to hunt for the best offers and packages and how to get the most value for your money.
Here at White Avenue, we take pride in maintaining a great relationship with our clients and we feel that it is our duty to keep you informed, so, you can rely on us to update you on the our best offers, ongoing projects and properties. Our properties in Mabushi, Wuye and FO1 Kubwa promise more than a home with every purchase. We ensure safety, comfort, security and a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood to raise your family.

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