So many people after investing in real estate, end up asking themselves one question: "What Kind of house did I invest in?" that is definitely a question of regret. Nobody wants to invest in real estate and then starts spending even more money to renovate it year in year out.

There is no doubt that buying a house is one of the best investments on earth. But it can also be the worst if you don't invest in the right house.
Here are some things you need to check before investing in that house:

1) How Old is the House? This is one important question you need to ask your realtor. The older the house the more problems it is likely to have and the more renovating you would need to do. Make sure the house you are investing in is not too old or better still, go for a newly built house where you need little or no renovation until after 10 to 20 years.

2) Exterior Cracks and Tilts: Check out for little cracks on the walls, because little cracks leads…
If you're thinking of house shopping, or have already invested in that house, then here are some modern trends in the real estate market that you should really know about.

1) Increase in price: Like it or not, this is one trend in real estate that will never die. With each passing day, month and year, the price of real estate keeps increasing. The longer you wait to invest in real estate, the more expensive it becomes. "The best time to buy a house is always 5 years ago; the second best time is now"

2) Mortgage: So many people really want to get a home now, but because of the increasing price in real estate and less finance from their end, they delay in buying their dream home and it becomes more expensive or sold out. But with a mortgage plan, you can get your dream home now and pay back your loan later. Real estate companies with mortgage plans in Nigeria are already on top of their game with this new trend.

3) Eco friendly environment…
 "To rent or to buy a home" This is one decision many people struggle with. While some people may not have a choice but to rent a home because of the financial commitment involved, others that have the finances do struggle with the decision to either keep renting or to just buy their own home.

While renting may look easier and cheaper than buying a home, renting actually happens to be more expensive. Renting is you working for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just to pay your landlord. His money is working for him because he invested in real estate, while you keep working for money to pay him.
 Here are some reasons why buying that home today is the best decision.

1) Investment: Unlike a car or other purchases that decrease in value, a house is a purchase that appreciates over time. As time goes by the value of your house continues to rise. A house that was sold for 10 million in 2017 is now selling for 20 million in 2019. This tells you how the value of …

Many people move into houses without considering the environment and the materials used in building. Before moving into that new house ask yourself "is it an Eco-friendly home?'

An Eco-home is a home that has a low impact on the environment and is built using materials that have no carbon footprint (which is harmful) and reduces consumption of energy due to air pollution, water pollution and solid waste disposal. Here are some of the benefits of an Eco-home:
Healthy environment: One of the greatest benefits of an Eco-home is that it has no harmful chemicals or environmental pollutant. This is because most common products for building contain harmful substances. Therefore Eco-friendly choices make your home a healthier choice for your family.

Less maintenance: An Eco-home is easy to maintain because of the green building materials used (such as bamboo, straw, dimension stones, recycled stones, recycled metal and other products that ar…
You tell people to invest in real estate and they say, "I already have a house, why should I buy another?"
Paulson John said, "If you don't own a home, buy one, if you own a home, buy another if you own two homes buy a third and lend your relatives the money to buy a home."
 Armstrong Williams also said "Real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk"

Real estate investment remains the safest and quickest way to make money and it will never be stolen from you. Let me tell you why you need to buy another house.
Mr. Peter and Mr. Paul had 10 million naira each. Mr. Peter decided to buy a house with his own 10 million naira even though he already has a house of his own that he lives in with his family, while Mr. Paul decided to buy his luxurious dream car and go on that expensive vacation he has been dreaming about because he already has a house of his own, and his family is comfortable. Two yea…

If you are planning on going into Real Estate business or buying Real Estate in Abuja, then there are five (5) top locations that you should look out for that are fast developing. With the kind of development coming into these locations, in no distant time it will become very famous and really expensive to acquire. 

Wuye is considered to be in the heart of town and lies along the Nnamdi Azikiwe Express way, it shares boundary with Jabi, Utako and is home to the very famous Jabi Park, Zatech, Family Worship Centre, Wuye Police Station, Wuye Ultra Modern Market and so many estates including White Avenue's Glendale Place Estate.  The National Stadium is about 10 minutes drive to Wuye and within its vicinity is the Central Mosque and Shoprite.

2. KATAMPE EXTENSION Katampe extension is before Gwarinpa and on the right side of Murtala Muhammed Expressway, it is adjacent to Maitama and Mabushi. With very good infrastructur…
As a sales person, you have to know that there are 5 questions your customer is asking him/her self before making a decision to buy your product. Some of them might ask you these questions out loud, while others will just think about the questions silently. It is your duty to answer these questions whether they are asked out loud or not.

1) DO I LIKE OR TRUST THE SALES PERSON?: Your customers are buying you first before buying your product. They have to know you to an extent by conversing with you (This conversation will determine if they will like and trust you or hate you). As a sales person, when talking to your customers for the first time, ensure that you give them the best and honest part of you. Because it will determine if they buy from you or not.

2) DO I TRUST THE PRODUCING COMPANY?: Apart from your customers trusting and liking you as a person, they have to also trust the company that is producing your product. If the producing company has a past rec…